EFT AutoStart

EFT Energy’s AutoStart makes it easy for users to get started with energy management software and gain insight about how your business’ use energy. This is a key step on your way to improving energy and operational efficiencies by finding energy wasters, reducing demand, and understanding how your operations impact energy consumption.

Energy Manager AutoStart™ is a fast and easy way to get started with the Energy Manager™ platform. It is ideal for clients that are…

  • Just getting started with energy management systems and need to connect their first meter
  • Wishing to add existing meters, control systems, and production data to better manage energy consumption
  • Looking to add advanced energy analytics to identify opportunities to improve energy and operational efficiency

Here’s How AutoStart Works:

  • Meters record totalized consumption data from any type of utility meter (WAGES)
    • Water
    • Compressed Air
    • Natural Gas
    • Electricity
    • Steam
    • etc
  • Data collection device(s) retrieves meter data, control system, and production data and pushes it to EFT
  • EFT’s data center stores, manages & reports the data in real-time
  • Energy Manager™ software analyzes & reports on the data collected
  • User logs into Show My Energy website and accesses data & reports

The EFT AutoStart™ platform supports several different data collection Devices:

  • EFT Nano
  • EFT Optimizer
  • Tridium JACE® via OBIX or Modbus TCP
  • EFT DATATrak

Here’s what is included with EFT’s AutoStart:

One (1) Year Subscription to www.showmyenergy.com

  • Hosted solution that stores, manages and reports your data
  • Receive user account with log in name/password. No set up required
  • Access your energy data from any web enabled computer
  • Instant productivity for all users with simplified, easy to use, basic reports


  • Start Up Support
  • User Training
  • Ongoing Support


  • Email Alarm Notification
  • Scalability – add devices and subscription data points
  • Combine multiple data collection devices into one user account
  • Advanced Energy Analytics Module

Plug and Play – 4 Easy Steps

Client provides set up information (IP address/log in information, URL for each metering point)
User account is activated and data is automatically pushed to hosted server from data collection devices (note that JACE® history data is pulled via OBIX)
AutoStart server address/log in information is emailed to user once data transfer is complete
User logs into Energy Manager™AutoStart website and sets up account

Energy Management is Up and Running!